Thursday, November 25, 2010

Install VLC Player and Other Packages for UBUNTU Without Internet Connection

 VLC Player and Other Packages for UBUNTU Without Internet Connection 

Hi Everyone In this post i'm gonna tell U how to install VLC player on Ubuntu and Also Install Other Packages like 
  • Java (Java Runtime Environment[JRE]) to FireFox to execute Applets,
  • Codac Plugins to play movies in Default player in Ubuntu,
  • Codac Plugins to play mp3 and other audio files in Ubuntu's Default Music Player(Rhythm box)...etc...

First lets see steps to install VLC player on ubuntu:

1.First U need to download the VLC player package from any PC which has internet connection.
   The Link is:!download|297l33|382349998|VLC_Offline_installer_10.04_For_Ubuntu_10.04.tar.gz|25754

2.Once u downloaded, the archive  file will be " VLC_Offline_installer_10.04_For_Ubuntu_10.04.tar.gz"

3.Copy it to the PC where u need to install the package UNZIP it.

4.Once u unzip it then u are gonna see file called "", Double click on "" and select the option as "Run In Terminal".[Provide your Password  if it asks]

5.That's it lads :) check right click on any movie file then u should see "Open With VLC Player".if every thing went well.
Good Luck Folks.

Now Lets see the steps to install "Ubuntu restricted Extra packages". Its a collection of many packages[around 23 of'em are there],few of them i mentioned above.

1.First u need to download the Packages archive file as u did previously in "VLC player installation".

2.The Download Links are as fallow use any one:

3. Once u download u'll get the archive file as "Ubuntu_restricted_Extra_10.04_Offline_Installer_For_Ubuntu_10.04.tar.gz"

4.Unzip it in ubuntu. I believe there was a problem in this archive while uploading so it won't Unzip in Ubuntu, U need to Unzip using WINRAR or any archiver s/w on Windows [ain't mind the errors while unzipping, neglect the errors ].

5.Once u unzip the archive file then u'll see the file called "". Double Click on ""  and select the option as "Run In Terminal".[Provide your Password  if it asks].

6.Finished folks :) now u can play movies,songs on default players of ubuntu.u can even run applet applications on Firefox browser as java plugins also included in this installation.
Good Luck lads.

Thanks for the comments for my last posts,that was really encouraging.Thanks very much to all.Good Luck.



  1. hi kishor I am using ubuntu 10.4 lts the problem is that Copying speed from hdd to usb memory stick is too slow. allmost takes 15 min to copy 250 mb data from hdd to usb memory stick of 1gb. Please suggest me solution to this problem

  2. hey Ranjith sorry for delay in reply...
    i guess there is a problem with your memory stick..
    I guess its been while since u formatted your memory stick..
    U once try to do LOWLEVEL format of your Memory Stick...
    There are many tools available to do Low level format but i prefer this one:
    let me know the results after u tried... good luck lad :)

  3. Hi Kishor,
    I want to create or download the complete set of all packages for my Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat and install them offline. Help me with the steps or links that allow me to download all the packages at a time.

  4. Hello Rakesh...,
    before answering to that question i'd like to know what kind of packages that u want to install..
    Then i may help you on that.

    Have a good day :)

  5. Hi Kishor,
    I want to install Emacs23 package on my ubuntu 10.04, without internet connection. Please tell me how to do that?

  6. Thanks Kishore,
    Wonderful post! Helped me a lot! Just FYI if you love webapps and apps for windows and mac, Check out my blog: